Energize Your Classroom {Tip to Fight Boredom}

by Laura Gurley on November 9, 2011

This practical tip to energize and focus your classroom can be used with any age group. When students are bored and distracted, it’s much harder to motivate their learning. I love that the students in this activity are engaging with the teacher and with each other in a personal, light-hearted way, and I can only imagine the two minutes used in the “Sprinkle” activity pays off dividends in student attitudes and work.

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So often as teachers we doggedly attack lesson plan after lesson plan– all the while wearing blinders that cause us to miss the general atmosphere of our classrooms. Unfortunately, we fail to realize that kids that are focused, positive, and enjoying the learning process are actually much more productive in the long run.

And while it seems like such a sacrifice to take three minutes out of a class period to “Sprinkle,” oftentimes it’s one of the most efficient uses of instructional time.


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Ideas for keeping your class from being the “boring one”?

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