Martin Luther King Jr. Lesson Ideas and Videos

by Laura Gurley on January 12, 2012

Whether we recognize it or not, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s influence reaches into every classroom in America today. This Baptist preacher from Alabama  refused to step down in the face of injustice– despite being imprisoned 20 times, being stabbed in the chest, and being threatened and defamed during his years of public service. His house was bombed at one point, and he eventually suffered the ultimate blow for his role in peacefully standing for equality.  But, as I read recently,

“Ideals are bulletproof.”

And aren’t we glad they are?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is celebrated the third Monday of every January. You won’t have kids in school that day, but if you are looking for a quick lesson idea to remind students about the inspirational leader Martin Luther King was, consider showing this four minute video from the Biography Channel and then this clip from his famous I Have a Dream speech.

For more resources on Martin Luther King, Jr, consider this 4-minute video by BrainPop about King’s life. It is an animated video, targeted towards children. The lovely Laura Candler from Teaching Resources has put together a packet of activities that correlate to this video about King’s life.  All resources and lesson plans are free.


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