by Laura Gurley on March 15, 2012

Teaching Tip {And-It’s-Not-Even-a-Tuesday}:  Energizers.

Looking for some fresh ideas for classroom energizers?  Need an activity that refocuses your students and provides a fun way to get out some of that extra energy that seems to be coming between them and their math problems?

Consider the following several ideas from an excellent resource called Responsive Classroom. Their youtube channel is fantastic, with a host of ideas for positive classroom management. I’ve posted a few of my favorite energizers here.  Choose your favorite to put in your back pocket for the next time your students need to take a break from studying for the end- of- year tests . . . it’ll make your classroom a more enjoyable place to be. {And I promise, in the long run, that is worth the five minute break.}

- Laura Parker 

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