Using Smart Phones in the Elementary Classroom

by laura_gurley on March 13, 2012

Teaching Tip:  Use Smart Phones.

We all know that technology continues to creep into our classrooms more and more often these days. I know that many teachers are incorporating interactive whiteboards and tablets into their daily lessons. But, I had never thought about bringing smartphones into the classroom until a teacher-friend of mine was telling me about how she was using old iPhones as learning centers for her students. So, I decided to do a little more research on this concept and found that tons of teachers are finding creative uses for smartphone technology.

Classroom Library Organizer@iLearn Technology Edublog: Teachers can set up a FREE account to track their own classroom libraries. Just use your phone to scan in ISBN codes from your books and then let students use your phone to check the books out.

Using QR Codes in the Classroom@Merragem’s YouTube Channel: This teacher lets one of his students explain how they are using QR codes in the classroom. The video shows this technique using a laptop, but the concept would easily transfer to a smartphone.

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20 Educational Apps are Here are just a few of the great educational apps that are available for the classroom. A great place to get started if you’re not sure which apps you want to use.

iPhone in the Classroom@Vimeo: Jane Ross shows how she uses her iphone to record and playback videos for her students. She also demonstrates how to use the ShowAnywhere app to connect her iphone to her interactive whiteboard.

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So, I guess I’ll stop thinking that a phone is just a phone. With all of the potential that these little devices hold, they can definitely be a wonderful addition to any teaching style.

- Laura Gurley

  • kendalprivette

    now. ho wto use text messaging in the middle school classroom! i do sometimes have kids “tweet” their summaries. just a length thing though….great ideas. thanks for the links.

  • lauraparkerblog

    love these ideas!  soooo neat to incorporate technology in practical ways. I think often we just need help in finding the simplest ways to do that . . . Thanks, Laura!

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