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by Laura Gurley on March 4, 2012

We’ll be starting a new semi-regular feature on MyTeachersLounge where we’ll highlight some of the best educational resources, ideas, and posts on the web from the past week. Take some time this weekend to click through some of the following links, and then, if you have one of your own {that you’ve read or that you’ve written}, feel free to share it in the comment section.  Happy weekend, friends!

Resources on Teaching Multiple Intelligences @Laura Candler. This page has several links and a fantastic free printable chart for assessing your students and their intelligences. It’s a good reminder to re-visit the concept of multiple intelligences in the classroom.

Program for Sending Behavior Reports Home Online! @Kleinspiration .  Erin runs a fantastic blog with lots of resources for technology in the classroom. In this post she shares about a new program which makes weekly communication with parents much simpler than handwriting 27 notes home on Fridays!

DIY Reading Strategies @The Organized Classroom Blog. This guest post from Stephanie of Teaching in Room 6 contains a free printable and some great ideas on fostering reading comprehension. If you are looking for some fresh ideas for reading, this is worth a click!

March’s Best Teacher Freebies @The Cornerstone for Teachers. Our own Angela Watson a mega-list of some of the best teacher freebies on the web. This list has something good for everyone. {And she does this the first day of every month, so we’ll be featuring this one often!}

 A Reminder to Press on @CoachBillMoore . I saw this article first on Cool Cat Teacher blog, and thought it was a piece of teaching inspiration the rest of us would enjoy. “Like the stand-up comic who fails to make an audience laugh, sometimes I find my efforts to highlight the importance of character and mental toughness fall on apathetic ears; both young and old.”

Women’s History Month Ideas and Resources @Education World. Did you remember that March is Women’s History Month? At this link, you’ll find several printables and lesson plans to celebrate famous women.

The Safest Place @TeachforUs. This post is a good reminder that the students in our classrooms need safe places. Take a few minutes to read this article from a Teach for America teacher who discovers some unsettling things about a student in her classroom. “I love my kids so much. I want to protect them. Since 4:00 pm yesterday when my kids, specifically this girl, left school, I have felt so unstable for the sake of them. All I could do and can do is pray.”


Enjoy the rest of your weekend! {And feel free to post one of your favorites posts from the week in the comments!}

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