Page 58 - 2019 Teachers' Lounge Classroom Furniture & Technology Catalog
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Leisure Craft’s outdoor furniture is covered in a copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating. Thermoplastic is environmentally safe. The coating will not fade, crack, peel, warp, or discolor.
Thermoplastic Colors
Black Red
Metal Styles
Diamond Style
Black Green
Teal Blue
Perforated Style
Navy Purple
Welded Style
Our specialty at Leisure Craft are benches manufactured with your school’s name on them. We’ll manufacture the bench with your school name or mascot, and our multicolor option can include two of your school colors. No minimum order and we can manufacture even a single bench.
Brown Beige Sandstone Gray Granite
Rod Style Wire Style
Expanded Style
Buddy Bench
At Leisure Craft, we are ideally suited to craft- ing Buddy Benches. Since we are the experts in personalization, every bench that we can sell personalized can be made into a Buddy Bench. We can attach letters to an expanded metal bench. We can put words and pictures on a standard or rollform bench. We can add the name of your school or mascot. Our sublima- tion benches can place full color, high resolution artwork into the bench itself.

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