Children's All-Time Rhythm Favorites, Pack of 2


Favorite children's dances and singing games, both old and new, that will never go out of date. Easy to learn and fun to do. Excellent for home and school, and lots of fun for parties! Fits right in with early childhood core curriculum, physical fitness objectives, and multicultural goals. Useful for ELL. Pack of 2 identical CDs. Includes these songs: 1. If You're Happy and You Know It 2. Dance Little Bird 3. Chicken Fat 4. Patticake Polka 5. Johnny Works With One Hammer 6. Hokey Pokey 7. Dancin' Duck 8. La Raspa 9. Limbo 10. Bunny Hop 11. Magic Ball

Music : CDs

Educational Activities - ETACD630BN

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Quantity Available for Web Orders: 2 (Call 314-843-2227 to see if this item is available in the store in St. Louis.)

Package Dimensions: Length 5.50"    Width 5.00"    Height 1.00"  

Grade: Grade PK-1

Age: 3-6 years

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