(3 Pk) Petri Dishes Extra Deep


Grow mold, germinate seeds, observe objects with a magnifying glass, or trap a bug. Hundred of uses with these deep set plastic petri dishes! The Petri dish 4-pack is a great addition to the Science Accessory portion of your Science Center. Four empty petri dishes, 100mm x 25mm , activity guide and pipettes included. Scientific Skills: Experimenting, Observing, Predicting, Drawing Conclusion, Exploring, Investigating and Communicating. Each individual pack contains 4 petri dishes, bundle of 3 packs, 12 petri dishes total.

Science : Lab Equipment

Fun Science - FIPLG2BN

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Quantity Available for Web Orders: 6 (Call 314-843-2227 to see if this item is available in the store in St. Louis.)

Package Dimensions: Length 7.50"    Width 4.00"    Height 6.50"  

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