Product Description Acuity - The Game of Sharp Vision & Keen Thought! For reinforcing visual spatial skills, pattern recognition, and quick mental processing, Acuity is a brilliant choice! – And full of zest too! Players must race against each other – or work together – to discover and match hidden patterns in the tiles' arrangement. First, 36 wonderfully durable and vibrantly mind-bending pattern tiles are set out in a grid. Then, it's up to you to match them up with the remaining 34 tiles. However – Here's the kicker: None of the tiles actually match. Not one... All 70 are different! In order to find matching patterns, players have to look at either the two adjacent sides of two tiles, or the four adjacent corners of four tiles. Search, scrutinize, analyze, and try your best not to get hypnotized by the vibrant and vivid patterns as you match up as many tiles as possible. Suddenly stumped? Certain that no match exists? Don't worry – Players can also turn one tile one quarter of a turn to make one. Whoever can match the most tiles wins the game! Stunningly fun for the eyes and the brain, plus – no reading required! – Acuity is a brilliant, brain-busting experience the whole family will enjoy. Acuity Flip, Turn, and Match to win A mind-bending, eye-catching tile race! Cleverly designed patterned tiles test your visual acuity Work with or against other players to find hidden patterns in the colorful tile grid A brilliant visual challenge with rapid game play All minds on board to master the match! Fit for families, party fun, (and general good times) Simple game play, no reading required Player to match the most tiles wins 70 highly durable, vibrant game tiles Full instructions included

Critical Thinking : Games & Activities

Fat Brain Toy Co. - FBT055

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Package Dimensions: Length 10.00"    Width 10.00"    Height 2.38"  

Grade: Grade 1-5

Age: 6-10 years

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