Baby Connections CD

Sing, play, discover, and Learn! Interact with 6-12 month olds, and watch them get stronger, gain confidence, and develop their bodies through easy, brain-based movements set to rhymes, rhythms, & chants. Set a foundation to support later reading & writing literacy skills with this fun music and movement CD of timeless favorites by various artist and "brain-based" movement tunes by RONNO and Liz Jones-Twomey. Songs include: 1. Wiggles & Giggles 2. Arms High, Arms Low 3. Baby Hop (Bunny Hop) 4. Ball Rocking 5. Wiggles & Giggles II 6. Put Your Little Foot 7. Jack in the Box; Why, Mr. Chin! 8. Hush, L'll Baby 9. Rock-A-Bye Baby 10. Rock-A-Bye Baby (instrumental) 11. Au Claire de la Lune 12. Golden Slumbers & Toora-Loora-Loora 13. (The rockin' & rollin') Wheels on the Bus 14. The Zanzibar Zoo 15. We Are One (aboriginal celebration song) 16. It's Been A Really Good Day (song) 17. I Can Care ('brain-based' movement - 60 b.p.m.) 18. It's Been A Really Good Day ('brain-based' movement) 19. I Can Care (instrumental - 60 b.p.m.) 20. It's Been A Really Good Day (instrumental)

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Kimbo Educational - KIMKSS02CD

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Package Dimensions: Length 5.50"    Width 5.00"    Height 0.38"  

Grade: Grade PK

Age: 0-18 months

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