Courage Kids Puppet, Set of 7


Courage Kids help children understand differences in all of us! Courage Kids are a fresh look at a special needs set featuring 7 unique puppets. A beautiful ballerina with a prosthetic foot, a hearing impaired boy wearing a t-shirt signing "I love you", a girl in wheelchair, a boy with glasses, a girl with facial mark, a boy with vision impairment and a child in a hospital gown. The puppets are brightly screen printed on poly/cotton, washable and durable for use in a day care, classroom or home. Lesson tips included. Made in USA. Children (and adults!) feel more comfortable asking a question or sharing information through a puppet. The information sheet suggests names for each of the Courage Kids. A best practice to have the children use their own puppet when sharing with the Courage Kids. If additional puppets are needed for your circle time, consider adding one of the play puppet packs.

Creative Play : Puppets & Puppet Theaters

Dexter Educational Play - DEX2000

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Quantity Available for Web Orders: 9 (Call 314-843-2227 to see if this item is available in the store in St. Louis.)

Package Dimensions: Length 10.00"    Width 9.00"    Height 1.00"  

Grade: Grade PK-1

Age: 2-7 years

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