Exploring Measurement Concepts Resource Book, Grades 2-3

This resource features more than 40 classroom-tested activities for exploring measurement. Students will explore length using rulers and yardsticks; mass and volume using scales and liters; and area and perimeter using color tiles and graph paper. In keeping with the current math standards, students are asked to: • Estimate and compare lengths in standard units • Estimate and measure the mass and volume of classroom objects • Select and use appropriate measurement tools • Solve word problems involving length, distance, mass and volume • Tell and write time to nearest minute using a.m. and p.m. • Generate measurement data and display in graphs and line plots • Calculate area and perimeter, relating area to addition and multiplication These can be used as small-group work or whole-class activities. Grades 2-3.

Math : Measurement

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Grade: Grade 2-3

Age: 7-8 years

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