High School Science Reproducible Physical Science

This book is designed to serve a variety of needs and interests for teachers, students, parents, and tutors. The contents of this book are based upon both state and national standards. - Teachers can use this book for review and remediation. - Students will find the content to be concise and focused on the major concepts of the discipline. - Parents can use this book to help their children with topics that may be posing a problem in the classroom. - Tutors can use the material as a basis for their lessons and for assigning problems and questions. Each unit features: - Key Terms for the Unit - Background Information - Review Activity in Standardized Test Format - Specific Activities for Each Topic Covered in Unit - Puzzles to Reinforce Key Concepts Glossary and Index of Key Terms Answer Key

Science : Physical Science

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - SV04255

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