Math Talk Mini Bulletin Board Set, Grade 3 & Up

This 34-piece Math Talk mini bulletin board will help students in Gr.3 & up : -Understand the meaning and importance of math talk -Use appropriate questions and statements to facilitate structured, math-focused conversations -Develop a deeper understanding of their own math knowledge and thinking Set covers four Math Talk concepts: -Explain -Justify -Solve -Question Includes guide for developing math talk: -Explain your strategy and solution to a partner -Support and defend your strategy and solution -Ask yourself questions as you solve a problem -Ask your partner questions about the strategy/solution -use to solve the problem Also contains an activity guide with lesson and display ideas and related learning standards.

Bulletin Board Sets-Mini : Math

Creative Teaching Press - CTP1756

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Package Dimensions: Length 10.00"    Width 6.50"    Height 0.06"  

Grade: Grade 3-12

Age: 8-18 years

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