Take It to Your Seat Phonics Centers Book, Level D, Grades 2-3

Take It to Your Seat Phonics Centers, Level D is an instructional must-have in 2-3 classrooms. The 14 full-color centers stored in envelopes provide engaging, independent practice of the phonics skills presented. Center topics include: • sounds of oo • sounds of c, g, and s • sounds of ch • voiced/unvoiced th • dipthongs: oi, oy, ou, ow • silent letters: b, h, k, n, w, g, c, l, t • 1-,2-,3-,4-syllable words • vowel digraphs -long a: ai, ay, eigh -long e: e, ea, ey -long i: ie, uy -long o: oa, ow, oe -long u: ew, ue • rhyming words • word families: -ead, -ew, -ain, -air • word families: -udge, -ight, -ound, -ore • plurals • inflectional endings • prefixes: dis-, re-, un- • suffixes: -ful, -less, -ly This resource contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key.

Reading/Language Arts : Phonics

Evan-moor - EMC3330

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