Page 41 - 2019 Teachers' Lounge Classroom Furniture & Technology Catalog
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Media Spaces & Collaborative Seating
Create your own  exible learning and workspace! A variety of collections are available to design the space to serve your needs and maximize functionality. Contact us to view all options available!
Spool Chair
The stable rounded base allows for a wide range of motion to lean, turn and move as needed! Features a backless design to keep user in an ergonomic, upright position which helps to improve posture and strengthens core. Height adjustable: 191⁄2" to 231⁄2"H. Available in Green, Blue, Gray and Black.
Shapes Collection
Con gure the cylinder, cube, quad or pentagon shape for endless possibilities to create a quick collaboration are or a huddle space in the classroom. Available in four colors: Taupe, Kashmir Green, Black, Black Bonded Leather.
COE7020CYL Cylinder Seat, 163⁄4"D x 173⁄4"H $205.00 COE7030CUBE Cube Seat, 163⁄4"W x 163⁄4"D x 173⁄4"H $215.00 COE7040QUAD Quad Seat, 163⁄4"W x 263⁄4"D x 173⁄4"H $305.00 COE7050PENT Pentagon Seat, 163⁄4"W x 263⁄4"D x 173⁄4"H $380.00

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