Best Lamination in St. Louis

At The Teachers' Lounge™ we use 3mil THICK film - that's probably twice as thick as the film at your school.

Our film is 27" wide - which means your items should probably be less than 26" wide to make sure they fit. Have something wider like a map? We suggest cutting it in half and bringing the halves in. We'll laminate each piece for you separately. Once you get your lamination back and trim it out, you can use packaging tape to join the pieces together - you almost can't tell the map was cut at all! If you have very long items (over 6' long) the narrower the better. We've done this many times and it works great!

Service While You Wait

Except at the busiest times of the year, we can usually laminate your items WHILE YOU WAIT. In late July/early August you often have to leave your items behind and we will laminate them on a first-come-first-served basis. No worries - we'll call you when done and you can come by and pick them up anytime.

Cheapest Lamination in St. Louis

We charge $.99/foot of film used (minimum of 1 foot). While our laminator does have a counter, we usually "round down" the measurement to make up for inefficiencies in laminating. That is, suppose you have 10 posters that are 24" square each. We will get those probably 1" apart so it will end up using 21 feet of film (10 posters times 2' plus 1' for the gaps between) and you would be charged for the full 21' of film - no film was wasted.

However, suppose you have many of 3x5 index cards that we place an inch apart while we load the laminator as quickly as possible. In the end, the counter might say we used 20' of film was used but we might determine that really we could have squeezed those into 18' of film had we put them closer together. So you only pay for 18' of film. Our goal is your satisfaction!

To laminate a single piece of paper at The Teachers' Lounge™ will cost you $.99. Likewise, THREE PIECES of 8.5x11 paper will cost you $.99 (three across). For comparison, if you do the math, we charge $.44/sq ft. Check out some other prices in town:

UPS Store: $2.00 3mil

Fast Signs: $4.50/sq ft 3mil

PostNet: $4.00 for up to 12"x18" 3mil, 5mil, or 10mil

Office Max/Office Depot: $1.99 5mil, $2.49 10mil - regularly lamination is $1.99/sq. ft. for 5mil

FedEx/Kinkos: $1.99 5mil, $1.99 10mil - regularly lamination is $3.00/sq. ft. for 10mil

Hi-Tech Copy: $2.00 3mil or 5mil

The Ink Spot: $1.30/sheet 8mil