Tech Services

Tired of overpaying to solve your computer problems?

The Teachers’ Lounge Tech Services Team is here to rescue you from overpriced repairs and upgrades. With over 20 years of experience repairing computers, securing networks, and administrating computers, our team can help with all of your school's needs. We specialize in:

  • Desktop computer repair
  • Network security/infrastructure/configuration and installation (wired and wireless)
  • Google Administration of Chromebooks
  • Web Programming
  • And much more- just ask!

Tired of overpaying for laminator / equipment repairs?

At The Teachers' Lounges we do a LOT of laminating and have repaired many machines over the years. We've traveled to other schools in the area to fix their laminators as well. We specialize in:

  • Lamination sales and service
  • Lamination and Tech Training
  • A/V, sound systems, theater equipment
  • Copy/Binding equipment
  • And much more- just ask!


Our rates are simple... a $50 travel fee then $75/hr billed in quarter-hour increments. If your work doesn't require an onsite visit (remote administration of Chromebooks for example) you can save on the travel fee.

Our Team

Scott Gurley is the owner of the The Teachers' Lounge. Holding an Electrical Engineering degree from Washington University, Scott has always been a problem solver. He has repaired laminators all over St. Louis and been building/repairing computers and installing networks since high school (over 30 years ago). He is fluent in Macintosh, Linux, cloud computing and networking.

Josh Haggarty has been building and repairing PCs for 8 years. Armed with knowledge of the latest Windows and the idiosyncrasies of Microsoft, Josh can solve just about any problem.

Adam Meesey is the Technology Coordinator at Holy Infant school in Ballwin. Adam has also been a team-leader at The Teachers' Lounge for over 8 years. Adam has taught workshops on Google Classroom, Google Admin and is well versed in Macintosh, Windows, iPads, Chromebooks and all things Google.

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