The Lounge-Lizard Club™?

The Lounge-Lizard Club™ is a frequent buyer program that rewards customers for IN-STORE purchases. If you are only making on-line purchases there are no benefits to joining the club. However, if you are an in-store customer (or soon will be) make sure you sign up!
NOTE: If you aren't sure if you are a member, feel free to call us and we'll check for you. Signing up twice will just dilute your points.

Note: The Lounge-Lizard Club™ is for individuals - organizations/schools/churches should not apply for membership other than under an individual's name. Purchases made on account do not qualify for points. If you have a question make sure to read the Official Rules of the Lounge Lizard Club. We have the right to cancel any membership at any time for any reason.

Why Join the Lounge-Lizard Club?
  • Reward program with opportunities to earn store credit on qualifying IN-STORE purchases
  • Email Newsletters with Specials, Coupons and News about new products and education in general
  • Announcements of Invitation-Only demonstrations, give-aways and other promotions
  • Annual Purchase History will be available to professional teachers who wish to use it to claim the $250 IRS Deduction at tax time! If you would like your annual list of purchases, please let us know.
  • Privacy is important to all of us. Your information will never be sold, given away or used in any way you wouldn't expect. You may opt out of the program at anytime.
  • Transferrable Rewards are our way of helping club members reach out to their favorite teachers and friends. Any member may choose to automatically transfer benefits earned to another members' account. It is that simple.

Official Rules of The Lounge-Lizard Club™

Join The Lounge-Lizard Club™ by filling out the form below:

The information below will be used to log-in to The Teachers' Lounge® website for access to special 'Members Only' content. You will be emailed a link to activate your account, so double check your email address. Please remember your password.

For Teachers/Educators: Information provided will be used only by The Teachers' Lounge® and never shared with other parties. We require the information below to use features of the website such as gift lists, commenting, product reviews, and online promotions and special offers.

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