The Lounge Lizard Club™ Policies

Herein known as the "Club" is a simple reward program which gives The Teachers' Lounge® the ability to reward our most frequent in-store shoppers. Our goal is to give back to the community and our local teachers.

How it Works

Any individual that shops at The Teachers' Lounge™ may become a member of the Club. Shoppers can sign up for the Club in-store or online at Once enrolled, each member will receive an encoded card with a unique membership number.

With each qualified in-store purchase, the member presents his/her card to the cashier in order to earn their reward points. Each dollar spent on qualifying purchases (excluding taxes) will result in one point earned in the member's account. Once a member accumulates 100 points, a Reward Card will be generated at the register to that member in the amount of $10. The card will activate 7 days after being issued and be valid for 90 days thereafter.

Any individual member may use this store credit toward a future in-store or on-line purchase.


Unlike other reward programs, members may choose to donate their points to a different Club member. Each individual member may choose to keep their points for themselves or he/she may donate them to their favorite teacher, family member, or friend. Points may only be allocated to registered members of the Club. If you wish to assign your points to a member who is not yet registered, we will personally contact that individual in an effort to make them a Club member.

Once points from a purchase have been allocated to another member's account, they cannot be "recalled" or assigned to any other account. However, reward assignments can be changed with each purchase. Your receipt will remind you if you are donating your points to another member.


Unfortunately, some purchases will not qualify towards earning reward points. Online orders, phone-in orders, warehouse orders, and custom orders are excluded from the program. Purchases made by schools or other organizations or made on account are also excluded from this program. Clearance items, sale/discounted items, and gift card purchases are also disqualified toward earning reward points. Money spent to attend events such as workshops, art days or other "timed" events does not qualify for points.


Returns made by members on qualifying purchases will cause points to be deducted from their account using the same scale as above (every dollar returned on qualifying purchases subtracts one point from the account balance).

Issued reward cards are not canceled - the member's account simply has points deducted from it. This may cause a member's account balance to be negative meaning they must spend over $100 to earn their reward card. This is normal. Do not panic.


The Teachers' Lounge™ will mail reward cards monthly to those members who qualify for a reward card but are not in the store to receive their card. The Teachers' Lounge cannot be held responsible for lost/mishandled or damaged mail, however, we can reprint your reward card as needed.


Reward Cards will expire 90-days after they are activated. The dates will be printed on the reward.


This Club, rules and regulations, cards and credits are the sole property of and fully regulated by The Teachers' Lounge™. Any disputes or problems with the Club will be settled by The Teachers' Lounge™ ownership. Any sign of misuse, abuse, fraud or other inappropriate action by any member may result in total loss of all credits and/or withdrawal from the Club and/or permanent ineligibility in the Club at the full discretion of the ownership of The Teachers' Lounge™ and its staff and management. The Teachers' Lounge™ ownership reserves the right to update the rules and regulations of the Club or to discontinue the Club at any time.


We will never sell or distribute your information. Period.