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We Love Our Customers!

We always say we have some of the best customers! If you read this story you will find out why.

Last week a woman came into the store to shop while her husband was at the doctor's office a few doors down. Before she left she bought a $25 gift card and said, " I know how hard teachers work and they spend a lot of their own money. Please give this gift card to someone who you think could really use it."

Our staff was on standby looking for the right customer.

A few days later a customer came in and was going through a large pile of items she had accumulated while shopping and was trying to decide what she could afford. She told our team member that she teaches in a high school class that is at a much lower level and she needs a lot of materials to work with all of the different levels. After hearing her story, we thought that the gift card should go to her! 

When we told her about the gift card and that we were giving it to her she was so grateful and said she could almost cry. The $25 gift card saved her from having to put items back that she really wanted to get.

We love that we have customers like this who are kind and thoughtful! This story is especially heartwarming considering all of the unrest in our city and around the world. Life is good. Random acts of kindness always make things better!