(12 Pk) Z Grip Animals 5 Per Pk


Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen — Safari Collection. Different is good. Z-Grip Animal Prints allow you to express yourself both on paper and in style. Delivering on the same core performance characteristics of the leading Z-Grip retractable ballpoint pen: value, performance, comfort. Fun animal print designs: Lion, Puma, and Giraffe. Black Ink, 1.0mm Point Size. Easy Ink Glide Performance. Durable Metal Clip for secure clasp. Each individual pack contains 5 Pens, Bundle of 12 packs, 60 Pens total.

Supplies : Pens

Zebra Pen Corporation - ZEB22805BN

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Quantity Available for Web Orders: 1 (Call 314-843-2227 to see if this item is available in the store in St. Louis.)

Package Dimensions: Length 7.50"    Width 3.25"    Height 6.00"  

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