Amp-Up™ Personal UHF Voice Amplifier with Wireless Microphone – up to 40 Channels without Interference!

Amp-Up™ Personal UHF Voice Amplifier with Wireless Microphone – with up to 40 Channels that Auto-Pair/Operate Simultaneously Without Interference
Now that wearing a mask is the new normal, being clearly heard is a constant struggle. Amp-Up™ makes it easy to be heard without straining your voice. With its lightweight design, long battery life and clear, crisp amplification, the Amp-Up™ Amplifier is a winner and a must-have for teachers, coaches, receptionists, retail associates, pharmacists and others!

When you're speaking to a small group, school audience or at an outdoor event, you need to be clearly heard, and Amp-Up™ packs a lot of punch with quality sound and easy-to-use controls. Amp-Up™ has top-mounted button/dial controls, making it easy to adjust the sound volume, change to different modes and turn the unit on and off.

Amp-Up™ now has a 40 multi-channel feature, allowing up to 40 different PA-25W devices can be paired and operated simultaneously near each other without creating any channel conflicts between wireless head-worn microphone and its main amplification unit. Amp-Up™ has an auto-pairing feature, that when using multiple units, will automatically pair to an available channel to avoid interference. This auto-pairing continues for up to 40 channels.

Using Bluetooth technology, you can stream audio/music content from your Bluetooth-enabled device. Also, play content from a USB/TF card or via AUX-IN.

Amp-Up™ Wireless (PA-25W) comes with a UHF wireless headworn microphone, a carrying strap and a waistband hook for hands-free use.

• Supports up to 40 PA-25W devices that are paired/operated near each other, without any conflicts.
• Automatically pairs, when using multiple units, to up to 40 available channels.
• Amplification that's perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, small gatherings and more
• Clear, crisp sound
• Durable and wear-resistant ABS plastic housing
• Ergonomic, comfortable, stylish design
• Wireless headworn microphone
• Playback from any Bluetooth-enabled device, USB/TF card or via AUX-IN
• Easy-to-read LCD screen
• Built-in, high capacity Lithium-Ion battery
• Up to 25W output
• PA-25W can support up to 32GB memory media card which can store approx. 500 hours of voice data

A wired, headworn microphone is an available accessory – PA-25HM (sold separately)
A lapel-worn microphone is an available accessory – PA25-LM (sold separately)

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Hamilton Electronics Vcom - HECPA25W

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Package Dimensions: Length 10.0000"    Width 8.2000"    Height 6.3000"  

Grade: Grade K+

Age: 5+ years

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