Anatomically Correct 15" Baby Doll, African-American Boy

Miniland doll promotes the value of equality within kids, allows them to learn about the diversity in all of us, and learn how to develop social skills such as empathy and tolerance. Made of high-quality soft vinyl with a light vanilla scent. Articulated head, arms and legs that can fully rotate allowing the doll to sit, stand or lie down. Doll is washable and it will not affect their quality and durability. Measures 15" long.

Creative Play : Dolls

Miniland Educational Corporation - MLE31059

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Quantity Available in warehouse in Semmes, Alabama for Web Orders: 9

(This item is most likely NOT AVAILABLE in our store in St. Louis. To double check or have us find something similar, please call 314-843-2227 with the sku 'MLE31059' and let us know how we can help)

Package Dimensions: Length 14.5700"    Width 7.0900"    Height 3.9400"  

Grade: Grade PK+

Age: 10+ months

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