Calm Caterpillar Feelings & Emotions Chart For Kids & Toddlers

The Calm Caterpillar Feelings & Emotions Chart is a great addition to a calm corner, as it helps kids and toddlers identify feelings and emotions that can then be easily shared with a trusted adult.

Benefits of feelings charts for kids:
Teaches them emotions and feelings
Gives them the language to communicate their feelings
Helps them to recognize the feelings of others
Creates a calmer environment

Creating a calmer environment at home is a major key to helping children regulate their emotions. So is giving your children a designated area in your home to make their own peaceful space, allowing them a chance to regain their composure.

A Feelings Chart also helps adults to understand their kids' emotions and respond to their needs. Emotions can be particularly hard for kids to talk about, so a Feelings Chart offers a helpful guide to let them know how they feel and identify emotions in others around them so they can show signs of empathy.

Social Studies : Self Awareness

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