Comunicación animal Paperback

Why would scientists want to watch sleeping ants? That's one of the mysteries you'll solve as you explore amazing animal communication. Learn how elephants show affection, why the Canada lynx leaves scratches on trees, and how vervet monkeys know where to hide. In Amazing Animal Behaviors: Animal Communication, you'll discover that many animal behaviors are expressions of communication. Finally, be a scientist as you draw conclusions and make your own scientific study. What amazing communication will you observe? Let's discover the incredible ways that animals interact with the world with a real-life animal behavior case study!

This engaging 24-page nonfiction book will help your child improve comprehension and build confidence with guided after-reading questions and a fun extension activity. The nonfiction leveled text features simple, easy-to-read pages with full-color pictures. Reading/teaching tips are also included.

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Carson Dellosa Education - CD9781731655028

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