Daily Geography Practice Book, Teacher's Edition, Grade 6

Daily Geography Practice Grade 6 Teacher's Edition from Evan-Moor.com is an easy-to-follow print version that contains 36 weeks of hands-on daily geography practice that will have your students excited about maps. Daily Geography Practice Grade 6 is correlated to follow the National Geography Standards Six Essential Elements. Subjects covered in the daily geography practice exercises are specifically geared toward middle schoolers and include globes, compass roses as well as extensive map work detailing a wide range of different map types in addition to working with the information they provide. Students will be exposed to more than 130 geography terms through their daily geography practice. Each lesson is comprehensive and packs a lot into 15 minutes. Use them as a warm up prior to social studies class, for test prep, center work and more.

Geography bees are growing in popularity, with the competition becoming as heated as with traditional spelling bees. Whether your school district is sponsoring their first geography bee, is a long time participant or you are searching for a fun way to expand middle schoolers geographical skills, the Daily Geography Practice Grade 6+ Teacher's Edition from Evan-Moor.com has everything you're searching for.

In the age of Google maps and increased technology, geography hasn't gone out of style. In fact, it's even more relevant in today's fast-paced, always changing world. Keep your student's skills sharp with Evan-Moor's Daily Geography Practice 6 Teacher's Edition.

In Daily Geography Practice, Grade 6+, 36 map lessons introduce basic geography skills and over 130 geography terms. What a perfect hands-on approach to geography instruction! The geography skills presented at Grade 6+ include:
• globes
• compass roses
• map legends
• map grids and coordinates
• map scales
• physical country and continent maps
• projections
• regional maps
• road and tourist maps
• historical and cultural landmark maps
• population and product maps
• climate and time zone maps
• land use, product, and resource maps
• political country and world maps

Social Studies : Geography

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