DIY Hanging Canvas Art Set 2-Pack

Art 101's Hanging Canvas Wall Art Set Two Pack comes with two designs, each with three 5 inch by 7 inch stretched cotton canvases on rope. Each hanging canvas is printed with trendy designs, carefully curated by our design team to spruce up your home, office, dorm room, or any personal space! Each canvas design comes with 6 acrylic paints and 1 paint brush (total of 12 paints and 2 paint brushes together) to paint and personalize your art! Mix and blend your paint colors together to create a variety of colors to add to your design. Acrylic paint offers the benefit of drying quickly, allowing you to paint efficiently with little down-time. These canvas projects are the perfect activity for a low key night at home or to gift to someone who loves creative do-it-yourself projects! Our paints are non-toxic and durable once dry. Once you finish painting your designs, your art project doubles as a new home decor piece! Simply hang somewhere of your choosing to display your finished work.

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Art 101 / Advantus - AOO23301MB

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Package Dimensions: Length 7.4800"    Width 6.1000"    Height 4.4000"  

Grade: Grade 2+

Age: 8+ years

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