Essential Skills: Exploring the United States and the Continents

Embark on an Epic Journey with the Exploring the United States and the Continents Learning Set! This comprehensive and interactive set combines the exploration of the United States with a captivating tour of the world's continents. Prepare for an adventure that spans across the United States and around the globe, providing an enriching learning experience for all ages.

The United States Wipe-Off Learning Set: Take off on a tour of the United States, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Territories with this interactive dry-erase set. Delve into the 50 States and uncover their capitals, regions, state flags, flowers, birds, and points of interest. Utilize trading-card style state and territory cards, as well as map pieces, to delve into U.S. history, geography, and more. Witness how the flag evolved at different points in history. The versatile dry-erase surface allows for customized instruction, enabling you to add exploration routes, write state names, and even plan places to visit. Whether for school, home, community centers, or offices, this set of 74 pieces provides an engaging and educational experience. Printed on durable, heavier-weight paper and packaged in an easy-seal reusable bag for storage. Made in the USA.

Continents of the World Learning Set: Get ready to explore the world continent by continent. Introduce one continent at a time or display them all at once to delve into countries and cities, physical geography, and more. Each continent poster includes country names and borders, along with a thumbnail image of its place in the world. This interactive set is perfect for classrooms, homes, offices, and community centers. Use it to navigate the world, chart trade routes and ancestry, reference places in the news, assess student progress, and so much more. The set includes 18 pieces in total, consisting of 8 map posters plus a header and accents. Printed on durable, heavier-weight paper and packaged in an easy-seal reusable bag for storage. Made in the USA.

The Ultimate Geography Discovery Set is your passport to a world of knowledge and exploration. It encourages curiosity, fosters a deeper understanding of geography, and offers countless opportunities for discovery and learning. Whether you're interested in the United States or the entire world, this set provides an educational journey like no other.

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