Flick Sticks - Pack of 10

Calming, silent and satisfying this sensory fidget toy reduces stress and anxiety and increases focus in school, home and just about anywhere. Increase Focus: Tapping, twirling and running fingers on the soft, flexible and colorful rubbery fibers allows movement while working providing an outlet for excess energy releasing stress enabling greater concentration. A Great Gift: These 2" x 1" flexible sticks are the perfect present for any fidgeter. Use for teacher and parent prizes, party favors and stocking stuffers. Quiet: Silent fidget tool keeps hands busy and minds focused providing a tactile outlet for restlessness for all ages. Modifies Fidgety Behavior: Redirects fidgety fingers away from pulling hair and biting nails. Supports kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder or autism. Attaches to Computers and Shiny Surfaces: The suction cup enables the Fidget Stick to stay in one place and not get lost. Sticks to most surfaces

Special Needs : Auditory/Visual Stimulation

Bouncy Bands - BBAFDST

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Quantity Available in warehouse in Semmes, Alabama for Web Orders: 26

(This item is most likely NOT AVAILABLE in our store in St. Louis. To double check or have us find something similar, please call 314-843-2227 with the sku 'BBAFDST' and let us know how we can help)

Package Dimensions: Length 5.2000"    Width 4.2000"    Height 1.5000"  

Grade: Grade PK+

Age: 3+ years

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