Inspire U Chalk Posters Pack #2, 6 Posters

The powerful messages on these beautifully designed and trendy chalkboard-themed posters will inspire students of all ages. Great for display in classrooms, hallways, offices, college campuses and more! Each poster measures 13-3/8" x 19". This chart pack includes: CTP6695 - By failing to prepare... CTP6696 - A kind word is never wasted... CTP6697 - Wrong is wrong even if... CTP6698 - Do not go where the path... CTP6699 - You Never Fail Until... CTP6749 - Spoken words can't be erased...

Posters : Motivational

Creative Teaching Press - CTP7424

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Quantity Available for Web Orders: 19 (Call 314-843-2227 to see if this item is available in the store in St. Louis.)

Package Dimensions: Length 10.00"    Width 10.00"    Height 0.03"  

Grade: Grade 3-12

Age: 8-18 years

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