Magnetic Polydron® Class Set, 96 Pieces

The Magnetic Polydron Class Set contains enough pieces for a classroom of children to share their ideas and inspire their classmates. With 96 magnetic pieces containing over 300 magnets, this set is extremely attractive to teachers and students alike as they can build a large variety of 2D and 3D shapes. The 96 piece set contains 36 Squares, 60 Equilateral Triangles, a Guide and a Tub. Sides of squares measure 2.4". Age: 3+.

Creative Play : Blocks & Construction Play

Polydron - PY501010

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(This item is most likely NOT AVAILABLE in our store in St. Louis. To double check or have us find something similar, please call 314-843-2227 with the sku 'PY501010' and let us know how we can help)

Package Dimensions: Length 9.6500"    Width 5.3100"    Height 3.1500"  

Grade: Grade PK-1

Age: 3-7 years

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