Owl Pellet Mystery Science Lab Kit

Discover what an owl eats and explore the world of animal science. Children dissect real owl pellets and try to identify what animals an owl eats based on the skeletons they find. They also learn fun facts about owls, the animals they discover inside the pellets, and even build a food web. This kit also introduces children to different animal science STEM careers such as a zoologist, biologist, and veterinarian. Includes 3 owl pellets, gloves, forceps, magnifying glass, wooden probe, and 20-page career & lab guide.

STEM at Play® kits bring science concepts to life through hands-on activities designed to spark interest, inspire confidence, and prompt creative critical-thinking skills while fostering collaboration between children and adults. STEM at play kits provide materials to support scholastic goals while keeping at-home learning fun.

Science : Animal Studies

Learning Resources - HTM90738

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Package Dimensions: Length 9.5000"    Width 9.0000"    Height 5.0000"  

Grade: Grade 3+

Age: 8+ years

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