Practical Practice Reading Book Series, Set of 6

Improve students' reading comprehension skills the practical, "real-life" way with this relevant and popular series! Reading and writing ability is sure to benefit as students work through activities involving everyday life situations - reading the newspaper, ads, coupons, catalogs, schedules, directories, and more. Each realistic book provides plenty of practice as well as open-ended activities that invite creativity. Books: The Newspaper; Labels & Packages; Ads & Coupons; Directories & Guides; Catalogs; Filling Out Forms. Reading Level 3-4. 6-Book Series.

Reading/Language Arts : Reading Skills

Remedia Publications - REM434

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Package Dimensions: Length 10.00"    Width 8.70"    Height 0.80"  

Grade: Grade 3-4

Age: 8-9 years

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