Prepared Slides Sets 1 & 2 1 Each


12 slides with 4 specimens each in two boxes -Set 1 Pollens & Spore -Pollen of lily, Sunflower pollen, Bottle brush sport and Fern spore. -Tiny Creature -Plant louse, Fruit fly, Shrimp egg and Silk work larva (moth). -Textile Fibers -Hemp fiber, Silk stuff, Cotton fibre and Bemberg. - Insects -Leg of butterfly, Wing of butterfly, Wing of locust and Leg of honey bee. -Plants -Pine wood, Camellia leaf section, Bamboo shoot and Sponge gourd. - Animals -Goldfish scale, Hare hair, Camel hair and Feather fowl point. -Set 2 Pollens & Spore -Tulip pollen, Leaf spore, Pinte tree pollen and Orange pollen. -Tiny Creature -Common red sponge, Angora rabbit hair, Ant and Mouse fur. -Textile Fibers -Panya, Nylon, Wool and Handmade paper. -Insects -Locust leg, Worker bee wing, Bee antenna and Bee abdomen. -Plants -Stem of corn, Leaf of nerium, Onion rind and Silver berry scaly hair. -Animals -Cat hair, Canary feather, Dog hair and Sheep hair.

Science : Lab Equipment

Learning Resources - LER2041

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