Rainbow Phonics Heart Word Cards, Common Exception Words

Learn all your Heart Words off by heart. Heart Words by Rainbow Phonics is a set of 93 Heart Word cards which provide visual clues as to how to learn heart words (tricky or common exception words). Each Heart Word card is double-sided. On the front-side is the Heart Word along with sound buttons and a visual clue (love heart) color-coded in pink to show the tricky part of the word. On the reserve is a phoneme frame, with the decodable part of the word missing so the student can use the write and wipe surface to add the decodable letter (or grapheme). The other letters that are tricky are presented along with phoneme speech bubbles. Together these visual clues help children sound the Heart Word out and see the exceptions to the decoding rules. The outside borders are color-coded in accordance with the phases of Rainbow Phonics. Cards also integrate with the lessons in the Teacher Planners at the different grade levels.

Reading/Language Arts : Word Skills

Junior Learning - JRLRP107

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