Rainbow Phonics Phonemic Awareness Sound Cards

Hear the phonemes in words with Phonemic Awareness Sounds by Rainbow Phonics. The Rainbow Phonics Phonemic Awareness Sounds pack contains 101 cards for teaching the various phonemes that make up the English language. Each card is double-sided, with three images on one side and three words on the other. The three images on the front all contain a common sound (for example: panda, pig, pie) and the teacher draws specific attention to this sound, emphasizing it in pronunciations. On the reverse side are the words with the phoneme of interest highlighted. This provides quick reference for the teacher when explicitly sounding out the phoneme or the word. The outside borders are color-coded in accordance with the phases of Rainbow Phonics. Cards also integrate with the lessons in the Teacher Planners at the different grade levels.

Reading/Language Arts : Phonics

Junior Learning - JRLRP106

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Package Dimensions: Length 7.9100"    Width 3.3900"    Height 1.5700"  

Grade: Grade PK+

Age: 4+ years

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