Reading Comprehension: Paired Text, Grade 6

Reading comprehension practice boosts sixth-grade students’ competencies across the curriculum. Includes 8 paired text units with science, social studies, and civics topics. Each unit has an essential question and vocabulary, reading, and writing activities that help students examine texts and engage in discussions. Also includes unit assessments.

Prepare your students to succeed on state tests! Test-prep made easy! Reading Comprehension: Paired Text grade 6 is an easy-to-use resource that includes 8 paired text units with everything you need to practice reading comprehension skills with your fifth-grade students.

These grade 6 paired text units provide students with opportunities to compare multiple viewpoints and to integrate information. Each unit contains two thematically related selections that are focused around an essential question.

Each selection includes:
• vocabulary development in context
• an oral close reading discussion
• comprehension questions
• a writing prompt

The unit assessment includes discussion of the topic, texts, and essential question, as well as a pre-writing graphic organizer and culminating writing prompt.

Additional features:
• student objectives
• topic introductions
• lesson plans
• an answer key

Grade 6 paired text social studies units:

Balancing All Sides:
"Daniel Inouye: Champion of Equal Rights" Level W
"A Challenge for Everyone" Level V

Mapping Our World and Beyond:
"Cartography in the Modern World" Level W
"Drawing a New Conclusion" Level V

Competition for Work:
"Life During the Great Depression" Level X
"The Three Recruits" Level X

Fairness at Work:
"Out of the Ashes" Level Y
"César Chávez: The Fruits of Labor" Level Y

Grade 6 paired text science units:

A Future Without Fuel:
"The Three Smart Dogs" Level V
"The New-Energy Project" Level W

The Sun and Our Health:
"Getting Along with the Sun" Level X
"A Different Kind of Solar Power" Level W

Reading the Weather:
"Spotlight on…Weather Forecasting" Level Y
"Phil’s Secret" Level V

The Science of Sport:
"What’s Holding You Back?" Level Y
"Balance" Level W

Revised edition! This resource replaces Reading Paired Text and includes updates to the content.

Reading/Language Arts : Comprehension

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