Rigid Wrap® Plaster Cloth, 4"x 180"

Premium quality plaster gauze - always fast drying and even textured to allow for the finest detail and smoothest work. Each roll individually wrapped for longer life and cleaner storage. One of the fastest mediums for mask making, jewelry, sculpture, props, and more. No heat required. Safe and easy to use for every skill level. Quick dry microwave projects in under 30 minutes, including drying time. allows for draped surfaces better than any other product. Accepts all finishes.

Arts & Crafts : Casting Compounds

Activa Products - API231

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Quantity Available in warehouse in Semmes, Alabama for Web Orders: 139

(This item is most likely NOT AVAILABLE in our store in St. Louis. To double check or have us find something similar, please call 314-843-2227 with the sku 'API231' and let us know how we can help)

Package Dimensions: Length 3.3000"    Width 4.8000"    Height 2.1000"  

Grade: Grade 3+

Age: 8+ years

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