Simplified Rhythm Stick Activities CD

Children never tire of these ever-popular rhythmic activities that develop motor skills and coordination. Rhythm stick activities have been popular among children for a long time. They have often been too complex for the young child to fully enjoy and benefit from. These routines are simple and repetitive, yet fun and educational. The familiar music, recorded with children’s voices, is childlike in nature, but the arrangements and music are exciting, contemporary sounding and upbeat! Songs include: 1. The Wizard of Oz 2. Sesame Street 3. Music, Music, Music 4. Chicken Fat 5. It's A Small, Small World 6. Hi Ho Medley 7. Mickey Mouse March 8. The Wizard of Oz (Instrumental) 9. Sesame Street (Instrumental) 10. Music, Music, Music (Instrumental) 11. Chicken Fat (Instrumental) 12. It's A Small, Small World (Instrumental) 13. Hi Ho Medley (Instrumental) 14. Mickey Mouse March (Instrumental)

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Kimbo Educational - KIM2015CD

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Package Dimensions: Length 4.90"    Width 5.60"    Height 0.40"  

Grade: Grade PK-3

Age: 4-8 years

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