Sound Families Decodable Readers Consonants Fiction Phase 5.5, Set of 12

This set of fiction Sound Families decodable readers covers consonants and short vowels (/r/ /n/ /m/ /ch/ /k/ /sh/ /j/ /v/ /u/ /e/ /i/ /s/ /zh/ /z/). There is one title for each sound. Within each reader, alternative spellings are provided (graphemes) for the target sound (phoneme). Children can identify the target sound in the text quickly as they have been highlighted and then compare the spelling across the sound family. Other words included are decodable at the phase level as well as common exception words in accordance to the progression.

Children's Books : Leveled Readers

Junior Learning - JRLBB143

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Package Dimensions: Length 6.6900"    Width 5.5100"    Height 0.8700"  

Grade: Grade K+

Age: 5+ years

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