Sound Prism Set - Set of 12

This set comprises 12 hardwood triangular prisms with 6 pairs identifiable by matching, colored musical notes and a unique sound when shaken. Prisms are 2"L x 2.4"H x 2.4"D.

• Musical blocks help with personal development. Sensory play with these fun, wooden blocks can assist with language development, problem solving and motor skills.
• Help children develop their listening skills. A colored musical note only appears on one side of the prisms so they can be turned upside-down to test discriminatory skills.
• Constructed with hardwood, these blocks have a smooth, warm feel, rounded edges and can be used indoors or outdoors.
• Helps learners in their sensory development and understanding of the world through sound.

Science : Sound

Learning Advantage - CTU73277

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Package Dimensions: Length 5.7100"    Width 5.1200"    Height 4.7300"  

Grade: Grade PK+

Age: 18+ months

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