TIME FOR KIDS® Informational Text Grade 2 Readers, 30-Book Set

Find out what life is like in the rainforest, uncover the secrets of the human brain, step into the shoes of three inspiring individuals, and more with this 30-book collection. Supplement your reading program, build your classroom library, and enhance your intervention program with high-interest nonfiction leveled books. These colorful books feature content from TIME FOR KIDS®, with themes from science, mathematics, and social studies. Children will want to read these books that include familiar concepts, high-interest content, and a variety of colorful graphics.

The titles in this collection include (titles may vary): A Visit to a Car Factory, A Visit to a Farm, A Visit to a Marine Base, Next Stop: Canada, Next Stop Mexico, Next Stop: The Caribbean, Earthquakes!, Tornadoes and Hurricanes!, Volcanoes!, Eagles Up Close, Horses Up Close, Snakes Up Close, Craft It: Hand-Blown Glass, Build It: Skyscrapers, Make It: Chocolate, Step into the Forest, Step into the Desert, Step into the Rainforest, Our Earth, Outer Space, The Solar System, Look Inside: Your Brain, Look Inside: Your Skeleton and Muscles, Look Inside: Your Heart and Lungs, Count Me In! School Carnival, Count Me In! Soccer Tournament, Count Me In! What's for Lunch?, George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr, and Susan B. Anthony.

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Grade: Grade 2

Age: 6-8 years

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