Turtle Kiddy Bus 6-Seater, Baby Seat Only

Baby seat turtle kiddy bus accessory can be placed in two positions. If the baby is less than six months place the seat in flat position. If more than six months place the seat as shown. The baby seat takes up two seats. Ages 0-4. The baby seat can be attached to the Turtle Kiddy Bus making outdoor activities easier and safer for both children and adults.

Active Play : Ride-Ons Accessories & Parts

Winther - WIN31127

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Quantity Available in warehouse in Semmes, Alabama for Web Orders: 3

(This item is most likely NOT AVAILABLE in our store in St. Louis. To double check or have us find something similar, please call 314-843-2227 with the sku 'WIN31127' and let us know how we can help)

Package Dimensions: Length 30.7100"    Width 11.8100"    Height 11.4200"  

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